Why Us?

If you want to be a commercial pilot there are basically three options: apply to an airline for direct sponsorship, an independent cadet programme, or pay for your own training and seek employment when you have a licence.

Sponsored airline programmes are rare now, hence the development of independent cadet programmes in the early 2000s. These offer similar training but are self-funded and lead to employment with one or more airlines associated with the programme. The problem is that they tend to be very expensive (usually more than €100,000), and you are restricted to a small pool of airlines: fine if they are recruiting when you graduate, but a problem if not. Both tend to dictate to you how and where you train, which can be difficult to fit into individual personal circumstances.

Self-funded training can be much better value (although some one-stop-shop integrated programmes are still very pricy), but you have all the risks associated with finding your own job. At least, however, you can make your own choice about how where and when to train.

Helen Wilson


“The Wings Alliance APC provided an excellent insight into airline selection processes, I would highly recommend it. Training costs = £37,500 approx.”

The Wings Alliance Programmes aim to deal with all these issues. Our programmes are much better value than traditional cadet programmes: training can cost as little as €40,000 and the average is close to half you would expect to pay on a traditional programme. The whole focus of the programme is to get you into employment, and we lead into jobs with any airline that is recruiting when you graduate. We do all this but retain a wide range of training options: part-time, full-time, at a wide range of European locations, even some of it can be distance learning if you want.

Accessible, flexible, best value and leading to a job. What more could you want?

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